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Reasons for having an ESA Rabbit - Benefits - 2021 Guide


An emotional support animal is a pet that provides emotional support to people with mental illness and helps them to relax. Cats and dogs are the most common emotional support animals who provide comfort and love to their owners but they are not the only option. If you do not have the patience to tolerate the ESA letter cats scratch or do not have time to take care of your furry pup, a floppy-eared cute rabbit may best serve as an emotional support animal. Here are some reasons why rabbits make a perfect ESA.


Caring and Loving nature

Only those who have ever owned rabbits know that these cute, adorable creatures are docile and gentle by nature. Even if rabbits are not good at performing cute acts as dogs and cats or are quiet, their caring and loving personality form a very strong bond with their owner. For example, rabbit recognizes their owners by their voices and jump to them. Although rabbits are not as passionate as dogs and flexible as cats, they enjoy gentle and cuddling treatment. While the person is cuddling the bunny, his/her endorphin level rises that reduce the stress and calm the emotion, which is very helpful for people who need emotional comfort and feeling low. When you are the best canned dog food handling your cute bunny, make sure you also provide them the same care and love they give to you. Bunnies love nothing more than cuddling from their owner and only scratch and bite when they feel scared and mishandled.


Rabbits can be trained

Similar to cats and dogs, rabbits know instinctively how to use a ‘little bag’ as long as you provide them a little guide. Not only bunnies respond very well to the house training but also to the training of positive reinforcement.


For example, giving cute bunnies training treats such as chunks of banana or carrots as the best flea treatment for dogs, when they correctly perform their task allows them to perform tricks.


Rabbits are quiet

Either the meowing of cats or barking of dogs can discard the idea of keeping a pet. However, rabbits are quiet and great alternative for a person living in a closely packed apartment. Sometimes, bunnies may twitch their noses with several squeaks, but it is really calming and adorable and not disturb your neighbors.


Bunnies do not need walks outdoors

One of the main reasons why bunnies are well suited for people is that they do not have to go for a walk outside several times a day. Unlike dogs, bunnies love to stay in a house and they enjoy by hopping around a house. So make sure, you allow your bunnies to leave the cage a few times a day to play for a few hours and stretch their legs.


Rabbits do not need lots of space

Another good thing that makes rabbits a perfect ESA is that they do not require a large space. Rabbits just need a small cage with a feeding station. Rabbits will live happily in a cage until you let them out for several hours to run around.


Bunnies are hilarious

What most of the people do not know about bunnies is that they have hilarious and distinct personalities. Every bunny that you will meet will have its unique disposition and personality such as grumpy rabbit, playful rabbit, shy rabbit, and dopey rabbit. Spend some time with your ESA rabbit before you select them. Make sure that their personalities do not clash with you.


Rabbits are cute and adorable

There is nothing on this earth that is adorable as a cute floppy-eared bunny. The twitching noses, chubby little faces, and cute little squeaks make bunnies as the most loveable, squishable, and snuggle emotional support animal. Keep in mind! It is very important that you have an ESA letter as this will protect you as well as your little bunny important rights. You can check ESA Letter Sample online to know how it looks like. The certification for your ESA mainly come through cbg vs cbd registered psychiatrists or other mental care professionals on their official letterhead. These professionals must confirm that ESA will provide comfort and support by alleviating one or more symptoms of existing mental disability. Some common mental disabilities include depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and learning disabilities.


The letter must include information that a person suffers from a mental disability and needs an ESA. Just like Emotional Support Dog letter, this also prevent your landlords from demanding you extra charges. If you do not have an ESA letter, then you could be charged easily every month or may even force to leave your apartment. Similarly, if you want to travel with your ESA, then you should possess an ESA letter otherwise, airlines will create problems for you in bringing your bunny with you. On the contrary, an ESA letter will let you travel with your bunny without any complications.


Rabbits are inexpensive

Rabbits do not cost much like dogs and cats and this make them perfect ESA for people low in budget. Bunnies require less care and are best to have in any home environment. Do you know! An emotional support rabbit will most likely live for more than 10 years so you can have a long-lasting relationship with terrier breeds. Now, what you are waiting for? If you think that you need a pet that provides you emotional support and not costly then bunnies are the perfect choice for you. The varieties of rabbit colors, sizes, and breed mean you can find a perfect bunny that suits your preferences.


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